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tonight, we'll go deep into the closet to help out the house of ruth. stay close, we'll go into the closet in 13 minutes. protestors who want to hold signs and yell hate filled messages have the right. they're protected under the first amendment. the father of the fallen marine has been fighting to stop the church when he got the final verdict. >> this was a tough one, matthew snider was killed in 2006. husband body was brought home and members of a church protested his funeral. they believe that the deaths in iraq and afghanistan are god's punishment for the tolerance of homosexuality. members carry science and yell at mourners.
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>> this four decided to fight back. he tried to sue the church for $5 million hoping it would get them to stop. the spokesperson says this case did the opposite. >> we started getting calls from al jazeera and i'm telling you, the pickets quadrupled and the coverage increased. >> reporter: the case went through the appeals court. we got the final answer from the u.s. supreme court. justice in favor of the church. many don't agree with their message, the members of the church are protected. there was one defending vote. tonight at 11:00, snider's reaction to the decision and what comes next. no doubt, this is our hot
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topic. did the high court make the right call when it comes to protestors and military funerals. the base realignment going on may be making it time to realign our thinking. the jobs are slowly coming. we have thousands out of work still. we have more on how harford is waiting for what they've been promised. >> reporter: signs like this one advertise jobs in aberdeen are few and far between. harford county reached a new high with 11,000 out of work. this electrician is still looking for work. >> it's tough. i've been looking for a job for at least a year. i'm an electrician, experienced
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and no one wants to hire nobody. >> reporter: the promise of new jobs may ring hollow to 7.5%. economic leaders have numbers of their own. >> we have 3800 jobs filled now. we've brought in 57 brand-new contractors in the last few years. >> reporter: one problem with the labor numbers is that the workers making the move haven't shone up in maryland's numbers. this woman says that harford county added but hundred jobs last year. and the unemployment numbers don't tell the story. >> when you see the unemployment rate, most say, that's not good. we see people who have taken themselves out of the job market, maybe a year ago because things weren't moving
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they're now saying, oh, i see movement. >> reporter: by the end of 2010, the number of unemployed workers had dropped by 2000 from the february high. when you're out of work, the only number that really matters is the one on your next paycheck. >> no one can get a job. people are walking around homeless, people are living in the woods. it's terrible. >> while manufacturing took a hit all around the country. job leaders have seen a rise in harford county. developing tonight, the bill to legalize marriage for same sex marriage is uneatable. delegates that refused to show up yesterday to vote showed up today. they had to put the vote on hold. now, they'll show up. one citizen if she'll support
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it or not. listen, you trust your doctor's, right. one common preesier is called into question. it's doing too much. that's the solution tonight. well, the measure would set standards for using stints in hospitals and outside oversite. for the patients, it's a matter of life. >> i had complete -- >> reporter: he says he was born to have a heart attack. his father, grandfather and other relatives had heart attacks in 30s and 40s. he had his first when he was 40. he's since had two heart attacks. stints in his heart and legs have kept him alive.
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the case surrounding several has been harmful for the public trust. the procedure is swifter than bypass surgery and things like that. the recovery is quicker. you feel so much better and the cast of the medical field is far, far less with the technology. i'm sold on it. the only reason i'm here is because of it. >> reporter: legislation has support of several major fraps here in maryland. two minors brought a gun boo school. one found the gun at school and brought it to school.
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he put it in a friend's bag and someone saw it and the school resource officers arrested both of the teens. one is out on bond. and weatherwise, boy fantastic. temperatures up above 60. not that windy when the breezes aric pentagon up. we'll take a look. five sweeps, that's all clear. tomorrow, there's a cold front coming through, but it will be dry. temperatures in the mid-50s now. 40s to the west. we have 26 in baltimore and d.c.. they'll stay gusty as the colder air pushes. 26 for the overnight low. it's going to be colder and throughout the day tomorrow, colder. only about 40 by 5:00.
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october 15th, 1997, the indians beat the orioles. we were that close to the overruled serious. the other yeses fell into a place of misery then. we have more on an early season of hope. >> they can't do any worse. >> that sums up the last season. the team's off season moves have the fans sensing a competitive team will play. >> with the new editions to the players and the young staff coming along and buck showalter the way they finished off the season last year, there's a hope for the upcoming season. >> reporter: this sports salesman saw this affect their sales. >> reporter: we're hoping once it's closer to opening day, it
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will be mostly gone. >> reporter: there's hope that a new oriole team will stir interest in the old oriole way. >> it's good for us and the whole community. buck showalterwanted a -- i said, buck, i've never seen anything like that. he came in and took his time. he went into the archives and he got a good dose of oriole's history. >> this year, i'm more excited to, well, to, you know, buy some stuff. because, you know? i'm going to have more interest
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this year. >> reporter: the oriole's fever runs deep. wait until you hear the story we have to tell you about tonight. the orioles are 3-0 as they beat the phillies in clear water today. well, you saw the exclusive look into charlie sheen's life. then, he lost custody of his children. plus, you can help out a great cause and we'll show you the discounts autoroutes closet. we'll show you more. and the temperatures are great. they're above 60 degrees. 62 and that's away above average. we just -- we're in the range. we'll talk about when we see
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rain around here. that could impact the weekend, coming up.
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johns hopkins is one of the 50 best hospitals. researchers looked a public safety and they got a look at industry expert. another institution getting high marks tonight, the travel experts at pardon meres namedo brickies. the crab house is near gate b one. they know how to make delicious crab cakes. who doesn't love a good
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deal. we're talking about shoes worth thousands that you can get for a few hundred bucks. we'll tell you, the money helps victims of doe mis-- domestic violence. >> reporter: we've heard of the house of ruth. it turns out, they have a closet, a full sized one. >> we're the house of ruth's new resale boutique. >> reporter: they have everything that a boutique would. the difference is, every sale helps the women and children from the house of ruth. every purchase can be translated into a night in shell -- shelter. >> it's staffed by volunteers
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and stocked with treasures. everything is donated. unfortunately, many, many women in terrible, abusive situations and they need our help every day. this is a good way to be able to give back to a cause like that. >> reporter: they're having a gown sale, high end, hard to find, superexpensive brand name gowns. >> this is a steven yuric. it retails for $4959. it will be $900 here. >> reporter: the sale is this week. behind the sparkle and shine, they know that the real beauty -- >> the same time we're surrounded by lovely designer gowns and lace and sequins, we know that all of that glitter
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is really surface. the deeper meaning to what we're doing is the fact we're helping to save lives. >> reporter: that's hard to put a price tag on. >> if you want a great gown, the sale is through thursday. that's to benefit the house of ruth. we, we looked at charlie sheen's life last night. around that time, social workers were knocking on his damp his ex-wife took out a custody order saying he threatened her. after the twins left, he had this message for his sons. >> it's your dada, i've never lied to you, this is another example of that.
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i'll see you son, i love you. >> he'll fight for joint custody of his boys. clear and breezy day. temperatures certainly beginning to drop after a warmer afternoon in the 60s. we're down to 52 at bwi. part of that is a sunset. otherwise, we have a chilly wind at 20 at the airport. maryland's most powerful radar is clear. taking a look at the weather net cameras today. we'll have the gorgeous sunshine. the skies are crystal clear all day. we'll have fantastic looking weather. one last stop in mount airy. just a few high thin clouds approaching. sometimes, the cold fronts generate a few clouds and no precipitation. current winds, that's the
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concerns. we see gusts up to 30 miles per hour and highier. the steady winds are lighter towards the shore and the front is driving itself way in. tomorrow, we'll get back to reality. we'll be at 10 degrees below average tomorrow. the inner harbor 40, parkton, 48. how about carroll county. we'll get to 37 in union city tomorrow. we'll take you across the bay. the water temperature in the chesapeake is 42 degrees. probably can get to 40, 42 in kent and easton. so, chilly bay breeze. still, i think enough warmth to get us to 40 or so there.
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colder air is punching in. this is not an arctic punch. it's a fresh shot of canadian air. cold nights ahead, too. mild air is pushed out. we can see the results of the early march cold front. it's dropped in detroit and erie, pennsylvania. the future casts are clear tonight and clear tomorrow. as we go into friday, things warm up again. we'll get a south breeze going. we'll smell the chance for rain throughout the middle and second half of the weekend. don't think this gets in here friday, but saturday and sunday, a different story. much colder and breezy, too. we'll go 40 and some spots, we'll be in the upper 30s. plenty of sun though. tomorrow night, down to 24. it gets cold overnight. seven-day forecast.
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here's the trend into the weekend. 48 friday, some spots hitting 50. a lot of us getting to 60 saturday. that should be a big half of the weekend. rain sunday, very likely so. plan your weekend accordingly. it looks wetter towards the second half. >> want to save money? there's an app for that. we're looking at a gas buddy app. it's like my geneny here. show me the cheapest prices in town. all you have to do is find the prices near you. this one's at 5913. it's $3.31 and we have $3.44. carroll county, always the lowest. it's $3.24. $3.49 for regular here.
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$3.51, shell. it goes on and on and on. i'll tell you what, the app about this, if it's in your car, lap or smart phoning you can -- phone, you can be in parkville and have updates. so, again, you can check the price even if you don't have a smart phone on click on the traffic and gas price. it's there, that's an app saving you money. let's look at what's coming up tonight at 11:00. two big reports on diabetes we'll tell you about tonight. we'll tell you who's more likely to develop the disease. and jamie mentioned it. we're talking about gas prices and airfares are up, too. we'll tell you which is expected to rise and which is falling off. those stories and wyatt's forecast. join us tonight at 1:00. we'll have more at 6:00 after
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the break. [ male announcer ] what if you could combine ams most advanced fiber optic network with america's most loved mobile device? wouldn't that be something? control your tv, manage your dvr remotely and with a flick of a finger, send pictures straight to your flatscreen with the fios app for iphone. to get more from your iphone, wherever you are, you need verizon fios. a network ahead. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v.
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you could get two things for $4 and one for $2. or five things for $2. or one for $6 and two for $2. [ male announcer ] with denny's 2-4-6-8 value menu, we're open to all new ways to save you money. [ imitates explosion ] [ male announcer ] denny's. that was good. that was four months ago. you look younger now. a breezy night and gusty. temperatures are cooling off tonight. tomorrow, 36 at noon. that's going to be a big
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difference from today, my friend. >> al snider's reaction from the supreme court rule, coming up at 11:00. have a great night.
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